Date Nights

A lot of people (and a few pins found via Pinterest) have told me that once you’re married, you should still try to date your spouse. It breaks up the routine and allows you to reconnect.

This weekend, the JA and I did just that. Friday night was low key – just us and our playoff team 🙂

Saturday evening, we got coerced into attending a gala downtown with a few co-workers. It was nice to get dressed up (although, nothing QUITE compares to what I wore last week) and we tempered the potential stuffiness of the gala crowd by seeing The Campaign once we scooted out.

Sunday, we went to my parent’s house to celebrate Daddy Janks’s birthday. In true Baltimore fashion, we cracked open a few Boh’s and conversed over crabs. Mom made carrot cake from scratch, and we cuddled up to watch The Avengers.

There’s a lot of transition after a wedding – sorting through gifts, the seemingly never-ending pile of thank you notes to be written, and the return to “normal” life. It’s only been one week for us, and we’re both doing our best to treasure this time while moving forward as husband and wife.

Do you have any date night suggestions? We’re always looking to try something new!


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