I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

First off, yes. I just referenced an Elton John song. If you don’t know what I’m talking about – see below. You can thank me later 😉

Second, let’s discuss how I’ve felt since the wedding. Our day was pretty much everything I anticipated (and more). Have I tried on my wedding dress again and envisioned reenacting these scene from Friends? Oh heck yes. Are there things I would change? Yes. Do I want to go back and do it again? Not just yet. I am so thrilled to be married to a man who knows me just about as well as I know myself (and sometimes better, but don’t tell him that!)

Yet, even with my newlywed glow and happiness, I’ve also been feeling a bit let down. I mean, I was planning the wedding for so long that NOT having to do so has left me with a decent amount of free time.

Apparently, post-wedding depression affects one in ten new spouses. While these feelings are normal for a few weeks after the big day, one should be on the lookout for signs of a deeper issue. (Note: I want to clarify that I am not self-diagnosing with postnupital depression, just spouting off a fact that I found.)

It’s certainly understandable that after all the planning, and what seems to be the perfect wedding day, one would feel a void where all that energy and time used to be spent. The Huffington Post has a list of suggestions to help battle these emotions. I’ve told the JA it’s time to either get that dog or buy a house, so according to these, we’re on the right track 😛

We are lucky that we still have our actual honeymoon to anticipate, a wonderful support system around us, and, most importantly, each other to help through this transition period so we can move on to the future!

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Any other women out there with suggestions on how to handle the post-wedding transition phase?


2 thoughts on “I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues

  1. Can’t speak to the post-wedding transition myself, but I can tell you having a pet to share with your sweetie is wonderful. In addition to barcs, pet smart and the SPCA you could try the MD humane society and sometimes even craigslist has pets. Good luck 🙂

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