Mini-moon Recap

If you’ve been following the blog for a bit, you know that after we got married, the JA and I went to Saint Michaels, MD for our mini-moon. We had been to Saint Michaels before, but this time it was more ‘in season’ for the town and we got to experience a few more places to try. Below are a mix of our favorite spots – old and new.

Bob Pascal’s Harbour Inn & Spa – Right on the water, we first found this hotel through a local deal site. We got a nice corner room with a great view and a Jacuzzi tub. This time around, there was no discount, but we knew we were in good hands. We booked a room that had a balcony overlooking the water and it was perfect for our few-day getaway. One of the reasons we love this place is because it’s within walking/biking distance of town. TO be fair, though, I think the town is extremely walkable and there’s a good chance that majority of hotels/B&Bs are within walking distance of town.

view from our balcony

Eastern Shore Brewing Company – LOVE this place. The Brewery has seasonal beers but it’s not your typical bar. The liquor license only allows flights to be sold during the day, but that just allows you to try each of the beers on tap. The owner is awesome and is full of fun stories to tell. The decor is eclectic and laid back. The JA and I have been there multiple times and really wish we could be there when the place is in full swing. They recently started selling growlers, which is great for us “chicken neckers” who want to take some of this great taste home with us.

blurry pic, but that’s ’cause we were excited. look at those things!

Ava’a Pizzeria – Just look at the menu. ‘Nuff said. PS – the cupcake of the day? You’ll need to share, but really won’t want to do so.

Jo Jo’s Cupcakes – While strolling through town, I saw the sign for Jo Jo’s and it was like a beacon. We had passed a bakery that looked really cute but wasn’t open for business. Major bummer. Good thing there was Jo Jo’s! We got an assortment of cupcakes to go and they survived the 1.5 hour drive back home in one piece. Once we busted them open, however, all bets were off.

so many flavors, so little time

These are all great places that both the JA and I highly recommend. If you’re looking for a getaway somewhere other than Ocean City in Maryland, but still along the Eastern Shore, Saint Michael’s is the perfect location for you!


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