His and Hers

The scene:

His side
small, vascillating fan turned on low
window open
sheets pulled down for maximum ‘cold’ factor
attire – tshirt & shorts

Her side
window closed
sheets, comforter, and additional blanket pulled up to chin
attire – tshirt, long sleeve shirt, long pants, socks

JA1 – him
JA2 – her

JA2 (whining): Why aren’t you in here yet? I’m freezing! This is why you go to bed at least a half hour before I do – when I crawl in, everything’s already warmed up!
JA1: Is this why you married me? For my body heat?
JA2: No – of course not! But it’s certainly a plus. Now scoot over here and cuddle so I can warm up my toes.
JA1: Sigh. Fine.
JA2: I love you, you know…


4 thoughts on “His and Hers

    • I’m glad! It’s so sad, but so true. We’ve already had a discussion as to when the down comforter can be brought out of storage. (The answer? Only when it reaches freezing outside.)

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