Oldies but Goodies?

I met up with a few of my favorite ladies on Saturday night and an interesting topic came up: clothes of our significant others that we CAN’T STAND. For one, it was a sweatshirt way past its prime, another was a material, the third had a thing with certain types of pants. As for me, well, there are definitely some things of the JA’s that I would like to see “suddenly disappear” while I’m doing laundry.

But what about when you turn the mirror around on yourself? I admit that I have some things that I should probably part with. Jammie pants that I’ve had since college, a few shirts that are a bit holey but are just SO comfortable, shoes that are way past their prime.

Incriminating evidence. (See: what I wore to bed last night.)

Do you have any item(s) of clothing that are ‘deal breakers’?


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