Thursday Things

1. Cucumber was the missing ingredient in my chickpea salad yesterday. The JA was right, but let’s just keep that on the down low 😛

2. I have yet to indulge in anything pumpkin this season. I tried the Starbucks VIA pumpkin spice latte, but it didn’t sit well and I gave up. This is in my pantry (thanks, Mommy Janks!) and I’m ready to bust it open and remedy this horrific situation.

3. I had no idea my new last name would be so much trouble. I didn’t think it was common, but trying to find a Twitter handle/email/Facebook username with at least some portion of it included has been unnecessarily difficult!

4. It’s official. I’m in a clothing rut. I talked earlier this week about things that I could give away, and the list keeps growing as I make my way through my closet. I went to the mall yesterday to see some new styles, but nothing caught my eye. So I came home and ordered this online. I’m hoping that a few key pieces can give my closet the boost it needs for fall/winter. Any suggestions for online retailers with cute yet affordable clothes?


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