Let It Snow?

While in the grocery store a few nights ago, the cashier uttered what I can only imagine was a newly learned language (Portuguese) to another employee. The phrase he was practicing? “Good night” or “Boa Noite” (pronunciation can be heard here.)

I immediately flashed to this scene. And got REALLY excited for Christmas. Like, I was thisclose to returning home and popping the movie in to watch.

I know it was only two days ago that I was thrilled about Halloween, but Christmas?! Oh, Christmas. The scent of pine, the white lights, the general feeling of goodwill and cheer. The chill in the air seems less brutal, the possibility of snow (and snow days), the treats, peppermint…I could go further, but I won’t.

This year, we will be spending Christmas on a beach. Although I’m greatly looking forward to our honeymoon, it also brings a bit of sadness. I know – what first world problems you have, no familial obligations on that day, spending it in paradise – boo hoo. But we’re missing traditions: midnight Mass with Nettifred, gift exchange with his side of the family, having a legitimate tree (we’ve decided to go fake this year)…

Don’t get me wrong, Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday – one that shouldn’t be overlooked. Yet, with that one phrase I was transported to my own winter wonderland – and I didn’t mind it one bit.

Have a great weekend!


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