Birthday Bargains

**I’m going to preface this post with what may be obvious. I am NOT a fashion blogger. However, I was super excited about the following items and did my best with the time and resources I had to showcase them. I tried to link back to items when possible, but since most were on clearance at outlet stores, not much was to be found.**

My birthday was yesterday. Not a “big one” (I turned 29), and really not as big of a deal as I thought it would be. And that’s okay by me. The JA had one of his classes surprise me in my office with a ‘Happy Birthday’ serenade, I went to Book Club, and basically had a regular Wednesday.

However, with a day off on Monday, I did find time to treat myself. I budget a certain amount each month for miscellaneous items such as clothes, haircuts, etc. and for some reason the clothes money was burning a hole in my pocket. If you remember, I bought this dress from J.Crew Factory. Looks good, right? Not so much on me. I can’t find a cute sweater dress that doesn’t make me look like a big, unshapely blob of fabric. But I digress.

I had a meeting in Arundel Mills mall and figured that while I was there, I would return the dress to the J.Crew Factory store. Turns out, they were having a sale. On top of that, they give an educator’s discount. Girlfriend bought herself a sweater and a cute blouse for a little more than what the dress alone cost.

love, love, love it!

Then I saw a LOFT. Picked up a dress and shirt that were both on clearance.

There’s also a Banana Republic. (Seriously, this mall was the death of me that day.) I scored a dress and a cute tank top (both on sale). Banana doesn’t give an educator discount, but they do give one to AAA members. The dress had a rip in the side (directly on the seam) and when I asked if there was anything they could do about price, the salesperson gave it to me for the final clearance price. ULTIMATE SCORE. I came home, sewed the hole, and it’s as good as new.

hey there, gorgeous

I’m pretty happy with myself. So happy that I think I’m going to have myself a little fashion show. Excuse me while I go vogue in front of a mirror somewhere.


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