Food, Glorious Food!

The weather recently took a chilly turn and that means one thing in our household…it’s my turn to cook.

The JA generally does the majority of the cooking – especially in the summer months when we eat ‘easier’ meals. Once the winter comes around, though, the crock pot comes out and I get to work some magic.

Thus far, I’ve made chili, ribs and BBQ pulled chicken in the crock pot. However, we received this cookbook as a wedding gift and I plan to put it to good use this winter.

With me behind the stove, it also gives us a chance to stretch our culinary legs and try new things, like quinoa. I had always wanted to try it, but since we shop at a typical grocery store that doesn’t carry it, it was a challenge to get my hands on some. Now that we’re semi-close to a Trader Joe’s, I knew it was high time to incorporate it into our diet.

I made quinoa stuffed peppers. Nothing too ‘out of the box,’ but a nice way to fit it into a meal we know we already enjoy.

What are some of your go-to winter recipes? Anyone out there try something new food-wise this week?

(Psst – both photos in this post were edited through Instagram. Follow me at jessjanksa to see more!)


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