Tea Time

I try my best not to drink coffee on a regular basis, and am attempting to find other options (besides hot chocolate) that will keep me warm. In general, I’m not a tea fan. What’s the point of flavored, warm water?

coffee selection vs. tea selection for the Keurig

I like Tazo’s Wild Sweet Orange tea, but that’s because it’s got a strong smell and a robust taste. (Not to mention that the orange color works very well in the fall.)

Beginning my quest, I picked up Tazo’s Calm tea earlier this week. Described as.” A comforting blend of chamomile, rose petals & soothing herbs,” this wasn’t enough for me. It seemed weak. Maybe if I brewed two bags of it at a time it would be okay, but that seems a bit wasteful.

Help! Any tea lovers out there with recommendations?


8 thoughts on “Tea Time

  1. Tazo Relax tea is very good. Fair warning though, it is quite minty. I also really like Tazo Awake tea and Stash Chai Spice tea (add a little vanilla creamer and it’s like a chai latte!).

  2. I used to HATE HATE HATE tea. Now I crave it. I had to substitute my coffee with tea due to health concerns. It can definitely grow on you, you just have keep enduring. I had to force myself for three weeks straight to drink green tea…then one day it became the norm. Chamomile is good, but most people I know drink it at night right before sleep or after eating (it can apparently help with digestion?). I love chai teas. Try Wegmans black or green chai and add a little milk. Tastes just like coffee to me! I also went to Teavana in Towson and asked to try some samples. Those guys were so nice there. Wish I was there to have a small tea date with you! 😦 😦 :(. Come visit us soon!

    • Ooh, I never thought of chais and definitely need to find a place that will let me sample. I wish you were here, too. We actually looked at the calendar in an attempt to plan a trip up to see you sometime this winter. I’ll keep you posted once we figure out a few dates that work!

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