Meet my new workout buddies. Festive, right?


Last week at Barre Fusion, the instructor brought out gliding discs. When she told us that all the moves we would be doing could be replicated at home using paper plates in lieu of the actual gliders, I was sold. With colder temperatures on their way (and my lack of motivation when it comes to moving my butt off the couch if it’s both cold and dark outside), any exercise that I can do within my own home is a win-win.

After a bit of Googling, I came across this workout. I only had a few minutes yesterday afternoon and completed the leg portion – breaking a decent sweat and giving my legs and tush a good workout!

I’m excited to do even more exercises with these little guys. Don’t be fooled by their exterior – the extra friction from the discs challenges balance, glutes, legs and abs. I encourage you to try them out! (If you do, or if you have any additional exercises using gliders, let me know!)

Hey, there. This post is part of my Try It Tuesday series. Head on over to see my thoughts on a variety of products/services!


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