A Good Night’s Sleep

I feel like a new woman. After sleeping for seven hours yesterday in addition to the ten I tried to get last night, I am among the living. Amazing what a good night (or day’s) sleep will do for you.


When I’m at my most neurotic/productive, I tend to be a night owl. I’d much rather stay up late to complete a project than get up early. Yet, that also means that morning comes a bit quicker than if, say, I went to bed when I was supposed to.

The JA and I had both been fending off sickness (that is, until mine decided to overtake me in my sleep Tuesday night) and yet I still stayed up late each night fighting to get our Christmas cards written. (No, they are still not all completed but the end is in sight!) Why did I ignore my fatigue and push through? Why didn’t i just give up and go to bed?

Because I’m a Type-A, have to get everything done NOW person. And it came back to bite me in the end.

So here’s a word to the wise for all of you stressing about how little time you have this holiday season: GO. TO. BED. You’ll feel much better in the morning – revitalized, energetic, and ready to take on the world. It beats being sick/out of commission any day.


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