The Need for Speed

Last night, the JA put together a pantry that we ordered to contain the overflow from our kitchen. Purchased at Target, I didn’t think that it would require a.) a lot of time and b.) a lot of energy.

He, however, had other ideas. You see, he had yet to use his electric drill. Therefore, last night was the night. (Apparently it works like a dream. I took his word for it. A girl NEVER comes between a man and his power tools.)


Afterward, there was a bit of debris laying around. Debris, you say? Oh no! The horror! Must be time to try out the new vacuum! Not only did he clean the mess he created, but he continued to vacuum the entire first and second floors of our townhouse.


A girl could get used to this…

2 thoughts on “The Need for Speed

    • We were actually talking about that on Tuesday when we met up! How times have changed. You need to ask Jeff to see the full vacuum picture (and caption). I cropped it here 🙂

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