Why Exam Time Sucks for Teachers, Too

Note: I am not a teacher, but my husband is. While I can not accurately say that this reflects the thoughts/processes of teachers across the board (hahah, get that? Very punny.), for most teachers who are good at their jobs, I feel that I can safely say that this time of year is one of stress mixed in with a bit of chaos.

Today is the first day of exams at the high school where both me and my husband work. Within the past few days (the past week if we’re really being honest), I’ve notice that exam time sucks for teachers almost as much as it does for students. Here’s why:

First, there’s the pre-grading. Papers and tests needed to be returned in order to used as study guides. That means that if you’re testing all your classes on one day, you have a stack a mile high to grade within a very short amount of time.

red pen

Second, there’s the teaching your regular class load in addition to holding pre/post-school study sessions. I mean, chances are that there’s still a bit more ground to cover and you really don’t want that to transfer into next semester. Plus, there will always be a student or two in need to extra help who come to you in a panic the day before the test looking for last-minute guidance.

Third, once exams are complete, they need to be graded before the end of the term. Whiles students get to relax, the teachers still have work to do.

the nemesis.

the nemesis.

Additionally, tutors are in high demand prior to exams. This week alone, JA tutored two different people for an hour+ each, and is scheduled to do the same next week.

There you have it! While students may have the pressure of studying for multiple exams, trying to cram that last bit of information into their heads before it (seemingly) explodes, the teachers are under in a similar boat – staying up late, rising early in the morning, trying to get it all done before a deadline. Oof.


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