His and Hers: On Packing

Him = JA1
Her – JA2

As we begin packing for a week-long trip:

JA!: You can have all the room in the big suitcase, I’m just going to fit everything in my carry on.
JA2: Even your blazer and nice shirts?
JA1: Yeah, I mean, those things can’t take up that much space…can they?
JA2: And have you included your toiletries and shoes?
JA1: I told you…I’m not taking a lot of stuff!

(15 minutes later)

JA1: Hey babe – how much space is there in the big suitcase?
JA2: (laughing) I told you! How much space do you need?
JA1: (looking sheepish) Well, enough for my blazer, dress shirts and a couple pair of shoes…


If you couldn’t tell, we’re taking some time off. I may check in from time to time, but it’s save to say that I’ll be back to a regular posting schedule beginning Monday, December 31st.


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