Stretch It Out

I, along with many other people, have New Year’s Resolutions. What specific goals I will tackle this year have yet to be narrowed down, but there are a few that I know will be on the list.

Number One: Keep things clean. My final tally from yesterday was 4 loads of laundry, one dust rag, two mended shirts, six rooms vacuumed (including one sectional couch), two rooms swept, one kitchen counter disinfected, and one box of books donated to the library. Ridiculous. While a deep clean is great once in a while, I want to get better at maintaining a level of clean so that when that time comes, it’s not so bad.

Number Two: Stretch every day. While my fitness goals are still a jumble in my head, one thing I know I want to do is stretch at least 10 minutes each day. I did some yoga this morning and feel so much longer, leaner, and taller. I’m hoping that this will also improve my posture, which I’ve noticed hasn’t been the best recently. Too much time on the couch and not enough corrections/ab work on my part!

yoga poses

I’ll keep you posted as the mumbo jumbo forms into a cohesive list of goals for the year (or if I decide to go ‘whole hog’ and make a 101 in 1001 list).

Here’s to 2013!


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