His and Hers: On Temperature

The scene: Living room with two windows, one being directly adjacent to the couch.

JA1 – him
JA2 – her

JA1: Oooh, it’s quite chilly in here. (pulls up a blanket)

JA2: Excuse me? Mr. Hotbox? Did I just hear that you are cold? Does this mean I get to turn up the thermostat?

JA1: No, we can tough it out. These windows are just so drafty. Thank goodness we’re just renting.

JA2: Yeah. I’m still putting the down comforter on the bed.

JA1: WHAT?! NOOOOOOO! You can’t. I’ll roast!

JA2: Too late. Apparently you didn’t notice a difference when you were sleeping earlier. (smiles mischievously)

JA1: How could you do this to me?

JA2: Um, have you noticed the difference in temperature from where we are this week opposed to where we were last week?

1-4-13 temp

JA1: Sigh. Fine. But that THING is coming off as soon as the weather outside stays above freezing.

JA2: Mhmm. We’ll see 🙂


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