Family Values

This weekend, we made an impromptu trip up to Pennsylvania. The JA’s grandfather got into a car accident and fractured his hip. We heard the news late on Friday night and scrambled to make plans to visit.

Not the ideal way to spend a Saturday, but it was good to see him and make sure he would be okay.

car trips with the MIL require coffee.

car trips with the MIL require coffee.

I don’t have any living grandparents and the JA has a rather large family. Therefore, this was a whole new experience for me – managing multiple members of a family during a crisis. We had logistics to figure out, emotions to calm, and updates to give once we were up at the hospital. Tack that on to ensuring that Granddad was behaving himself (he’s a bit stubborn and thinks he knows best) and that Grandmom was taking notes of what was happening around her and it was quite the day.

This experience certainly illustrated to me how different families operate. JA and I are trying our best to adapt and fit in with each other’s families and this showed that we both still have a long way to go until we feel comfortable. Yet, we worked it all out and we’re just glad that his grandfather is feeling much better!

How are you in crisis situations – calm or crazy?


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