Our New Addition

We did it. We got a dog. We’ve named him Watson (as homage to Watson & Crick – the men who discovered DNA). He’s a rescue. We’re in love.


It all started on Tuesday when I saw on Facebook that a rescue agency was having a special this weekend. I sent the link to the JA, who responded simply with, “Oh, shoot.” (Ok, not really. But I try to keep the cursing coming out of my mouth and not onto my keyboard.)

So he started looking around. We’ve been thinking about getting a dog on and off for a while now and Thursday we found that a local rescue would be having an event at a local Petco. We scanned the available dogs on their website and put in an application.

Fast forward to Sunday. The event was scheduled to begin at noon, but being the crazies that we are, we arrived at 11. (We didn’t want to miss out on our dream dog!) When the organization did arrive, we were told that there was no way we would be taking home a pet that day. (Cue heartbreak.)

We stayed and looked at the dogs anyway, speaking with the foster parents and the owner of the organization multiple times. A few of the dogs we originally came to see didn’t impress us. We kept coming back to one dog. We spoke with the organization director again and since we had placed an application in prior to the event, she agreed to screen us right there. After a call to our landlord, she gave us the ok. If all went well with a home visit, we had ourselves a dog. Virginia, the foster mom, said she could do the visit that afternoon and most likely leave the dog with us.

That’s how we acquired Sim (renamed Watson). He’s super mellow and the perfect size for us. I have a feeling, he’s going to make a great first dog for our family!

maybe if I lay really flat she won't see me...

maybe if I lay really flat she won’t see me…


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