Someone has gotten comfortable. And sassy. In this case, sassy = acting up.

In the past few days, we’ve started play biting, escaped from our crate, gotten obsessed with the window, and chewed/tore carpet when left by the JA.

Ma, something's out there!

Ma, something’s out there!

I’m not exactly happy – mostly with the carpet part of the list. We’re signing up for training as soon as we can and have begun placing him in our smallest bathroom while we shower. (He used to just chill on our landing and chew on toys.) We’re also taking him to the V-E-T on Monday, so maybe that will help provide some answers/suggestions.

Any advice on how to deal with what we’re assuming is separation anxiety or chewing is greatly appreciated. We obviously still love him but would also like to keep our house (and its contents) all in one piece!


2 thoughts on “Sassypants

  1. Try bitter apple spray – $8 from the pet store. No smell and your dog won’t chew what you spray it on. We are currently training our puppy and using Rob Hirsch from East Coast Academy of Dog Training. He uses all positive reinforcement methods and we love him.

    • Thanks for the suggestions! We’ll most likely be trying that spray quite soon 🙂 We’re also on the lookout for trainer advice, so I appreciate your thoughts on that, too.

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