Thank goodness it’s Thursday. My brain is going in a million and ten places right now, but here’s a peek of what’s knockin’ around in there.

I got a gel manicure for our honeymoon, but haven’t been back to get them removed properly. So I’ve started picking at them. Then they look like this and I think to myself, “Didn’t you get these to help PROTECT your nails?”



I’ve been doing really well with MyFitnessPal, and am hovering around my goal weight. (I didn’t have much to lose.) Still plan on using it for calorie counting and exercise purposes. It intrigues me.

Tomorrow’s a busy day. I’m hoping to get my name changed by at least one government agency, but we’ll see. You never know how those things go. I’m setting myself up with a low goal (one not two), but who knows? (Heads up – there probably won’t be a morning post.)

I know I’m super late to the game, but Spotify is totally helping me get my groove on during these rainy, dreary days.

After coming home to another, um, mishap, we’ve moved Watson to the laundry room. No carpet in the entire room. We should have wisened up earlier, but what can I say? Who doesn’t want to trust this face?


I need new lotion for my legs. They’re looking uber scaley right now. (No, I’m not posting a picture. I’m too ashamed that they’ve gotten to this point. It’s BAD.) Suggestions welcome.

WHEW. What a brain dump. Thanks for listening, have a great day, and I’ll talk to you soon 🙂


2 thoughts on “TGIT

  1. Start with Social Security for the name change because a lot of other places won’t do the name change unless you go to them first.
    I’ve used Olay Quench, but last time I needed lotion the store was out of it so I went cheap and am using Suave skin therapy lavender vanilla. I really like it, might stick with it. St. Ives is also pretty good.

    • Carol, THANK YOU! I need to first get a ‘legit’ copy of our marriage certificate, but then was confused whether to go to Social Security or the DMV. You have saved me much time and frustration/cursing 🙂 Also, thanks for the lotion suggestions. I went generic to save money and it’s just not cutting it. I appreciate your input!

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