Princess Consuela

Oh, Friends. How I love you.

I did it. I changed my name. I started with Social Security, waited for my card, then made my way to the DMV and my bank. There are still a lot of other places that need tending to, but the biggies are handled.

It feels weird, but good. I decided to forgo making my maiden name my middle name and go whole hog. It’s something that I thought long and hard about, considering that there’s a likelihood of my brother never getting married and carrying on the family name. While I’m sad to see it go (legally) I know that it will always be a part of who I am. And who knows? It could reappear somewhere in our family down the line.

Update: As soon as I published this post, I found this one about how the internet has affected the choice to alter one’s name. LOVED it, as it touched on some of my thoughts regarding my name, the blog, and social media. Give it a read!

Married ladies, did you incorporate your maiden name once you got married? Single/engaged ladies, what factors are you considering when thinking about changing your name after marriage?


10 thoughts on “Princess Consuela

  1. I’ll be going all the way too – I LOVE my middle name and it’s a huge part of my identity (it is, after all, my Twitter handle) so I don’t want to replace it with my maiden name. And hyphenating is out of the question unless I want the longest last name EVER ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I made my last name my middle name & attached my middle name to my first. Grant it I still go by Carol but my whole family calls me Carol Ann & my signature is Carol Ann Holt.

  3. I dropped my maiden name entirely. My sister is the only living person with the family name now, and if she marries and changes it, it will die out completely. I’m okay with that.

  4. I actually kept my last name. It’s my full maiden name with Jeff’s last name at the end (Celia Jean Aldape Goldsmith, no hyphen). His family just ‘loves’ it ;p. But as the only child in my family, I wanted to keep it and if anything, it’s now an option for my kids too. Also, in hispanic cultures it’s incredibly more common for the males to take the females last name…My grandpa always told me to keep that in mind.

  5. I did the maiden name as my middle name, mainly because I had no real attachment to my middle name (no offense, since it was Ann!) and I had a lot of attachment to my last name. It was SO hard to let Libby go as my last name, but as you know, I still use Renee Libby Beck in a lot of my writing ๐Ÿ™‚

    I read the article that you linked to and I went through a similar situation w/my domain name. I decided to buy one about six months before Steve and I married. I didn’t want to use my maiden name, but locking down my married name seemed like bad luck so many months before. I waited until the wedding was about two months away and bought it, but didn’t do anything to it until after the wedding. Superstitious!

    • No offense taken ๐Ÿ™‚ Once we got engaged, I created a Gmail account with my married name – there are so many variations that were already unavailable and I wanted to lock one up before it was too late. Still have yet to make the switch over, but I think it’s safe now!

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