Valentine’s Day Guilt

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It’s Valentine’s Day. While I’m all about love, chocolate, and flowers, I’m actually quite fine that our Valentine’s Day will be low-key this year. We went out to dinner on Tuesday, so our plan is to chill with Qdoba and a bottle of wine tonight.

Valentine’s Day used to be a big deal for me. I think it started in high school with the annual delivery of carnations from the area boys’ schools. Each carnation was purchased by a young man and buckets were delivered to school and us girls would sort through them in hopes that we got one (or a few.) My high school boyfriends would always mark Valentine’s Day with a delivery (normally left somewhere on my car) and then a dinner or some other hang out at night.

When the JA and I started dating, I would still expect anticipate flowers on my desk during the day. I also requested that every year he write me a love letter. Being a science teacher, writing is not his strong suit. Yet, he always pulled through and I re-read those letters now and again to see how far we’ve come since that first year.

However, these things are not a big deal to me now that we’re married. Our wedding day has eclipsed Valentine’s Day in my mind, and we each do our best to express our love for each other in small ways every day. I leave him notes. He cleans off my car. I bake. He does dishes.

Yet, as we were preparing to go out on Tuesday, he turned to me and asked if I was okay with going out a few days early and using gift cards to pay for our meal. He continued to say that he felt guilty and wanted to make this time special but that he wants us to remain on budget. With our sights set on buying a house this spring, his statement was more sexy to me than any overpriced meal. Just look at how much money is spent on Valentine’s Day alone!

Economics+Valentines+Day Via: Online MBA Blog

Are you going all out for Valentine’s Day or keeping it low-key?


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