Dear younger me,

Eight years ago, you were prepping for one of the biggest nights of your life – the start of a 48-hour journey that had already changed your life, but was about to change it even more. You achieved your goal and were finally dancing in THON. You make it through, but it’s not pretty toward the end.


Remember this time often. Think of how you dug deep during those early morning hours. Think of the support that you had surrounding you. Know that you can do this. Take that with you and apply it to life.

Claire THON banner

Dear Proflowers,

These are the flowers my husband got for me yesterday from the grocery store. Cost: $8

Val day flowers 2013

These are the flowers I was supposed to get at work from your company that didn’t arrive until over 2 hours AFTER we were closed for the day. Cost: too much time and hassle.

proflowers val day 2013

At least you were kind enough to give him a refund. Second year in a row we’ve been extremely disappointed by your service.

Congratulations, you’ve lost a few customers.

Dear A Prayer for Owen Meany,

You are 640 pages and 9 chapters long. My Kindle estimates that it will take me at least an hour to read each chapter. I’ve borrowed you three separate times and am 87% finished. I am invested, but you’re just not a page turning, ‘must read.’ I’ve left you for other books, other priorities, other items.

prayer for Owen Meany

But for some reason, I keep coming back. I am determined to finish you once and for all by the end of the month. I hope you’re worth it.


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