Quality Over Quantity

Remember when I said I had about 8 posts that were started but not finished? Yeah, that number has grown.

I’m writing, but a very hectic schedule from now until April combined with a no-technology after 10p rule that I instituted for Lent leaves me little time to edit. I got home at 9:45p last night, walked the dog and had a few minutes with my husband before he passed out. I’m lucky that my job allows me to come in late on days after an event, but sleep trumps blogging – sorry, I’m not sorry.

I want you all to have the best reader experience. I have quite a few book reviews for you (I finished Owen Meany!), a recap of an awesome dinner I attended, and a few more things up my sleeve. I’m hoping to get them out and posted – it just might not be on my regular schedule.

So stay tuned – subscribe via email or Google Reader to ensure you’re getting everything I post (whether that will be at 8a or 8p, I can’t tell ya, but I’m determined to keep this up).

Thanks for your patience; you guys are the best!


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