A Pen and A Piece of Mind

After I wrote about how I’ve started multiple posts but finished few, I went along my merry way. I thought it was a big case of writer’s block and that inspiration would strike, I would become less stressed, and I would be able to have the patience and words to finish a post of which I was proud to hit ‘publish.’

Well, it happened in Starbucks. I was there for a meeting and the person was running late. I pulled out the book that I have been keeping in my purse for occasions such as these and started to write.


It was so nice. Being at a computer all day, especially when writing is a big part of my job, can sometimes affect the rest of my life. Getting back to the basics and stripping away the links, images, social media considerations and other stuff gave me the freedom I needed to get back what I had lost.

The next few weeks are still a bit crazy. However, it’s nice to know that it wasn’t my words that were missing. I needed to reset, get down to what matters, and write without fear.

Here’s to a great weekend!

Note: Special thanks to Houston Calls for the song that inspired this title.


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