Berry Merry

With spring right around the corner (after at least one snow day – fingers crossed), it’s time to bust out the berries.

Fresh fruit is one of my favorite parts of the spring/summer, but many of my staples are not yet in season and a bit more expensive than I’d like them to be. That’s why I’ve started making my smoothies with a frozen berry mix. It works for now.


In that same vein, I’ve been on the lookout for berry-flavored treat. I’m not a big pie person, mainly because I don’t make them myself and I have an aversion to syrupy-coated bits of fruit. (Side note: as a red meat lovin’ American, my husband was shocked that I didn’t like apple pie. I’ve since come around…a bit.) Spring leads into summer, so I’m also conscious of calorie content without sacrificing taste. That being said, I was super excited when I discovered Special K pastry crisps. Similar to a pop-tart, but smaller, better for you and lighter, these snacks are great for a person on the go or to just keep in your desk.

click image for source

click image for source

As illustrated, they’re thin with a ribbon of icing on top. They snap when bitten into, but aren’t brittle. And at 100 calories per serving, they won’t ruin your waistline. Thank heavens they come in pre-packaged sets of two, because otherwise I’d eat a whole box!

I was in no way compensated for this post. As part of my Try It Tuesday series, I review and recommend products to my readers. Check it out on my thoughts on everything from food to face cream!


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