Technology Turnaround

basket of letters

From the notes left in my lunch box as a child, to the letters given to me on retreats from my parents, to our senior farewell ceremony in high school that incorporated a basket full of letters of well-wishes and memories, letters have been a big part of my life. When I’m feeling down or stuck in a rut, they are one of the first things I use to turn my mood around.

Every year, the JA writes me a love letter. Usually it’s for Valentine’s Day, but last year we decided to move it to our wedding day. While he tells and shows me that he loves me every day, it’s nice to have his words on paper.

JA letters

This tradition started the year before we got engaged. I thought it would be a good (and cheap) idea, but something sentimental that could last a long time. Reading these letters takes me back in time, reliving our relationship and relishing how far we’ve come.

In the age of email and text, it’s easy to get caught up in the wonders of technology. How about this weekend you take the time to scribble a handwritten note? I’m sure the person on the receiving end will appreciate it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Technology Turnaround

    • As I said, it’s a great marker of time. Plus, it’s a challenge for my science-minded husband – making what he writes even more special. I love knowing he put time and thought into his words!

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