Seeing Spots

It’s no secret that I can’t wait for spring to be here. The temperatures, the time outside, the approaching summer activities…and the change in wardrobe. Gone are pants, sweaters, and coats -hello to light materials, sandals and shorts.

While we did get a tease of 60-degree weather here in Baltimore this weekend, it’s not consistent yet. To satiate my spring fever, I’ve mixed and matched pieces from my winter and spring wardrobes to create outfits. Apparently, in my head spring = polka dots.

I did two looks – one with a lighter material shirt and wool skirt and one with a sweater on top and lighter skirt. Here are the results:

polka dot pink
Top and skirt both from J.Crew

polka dot navy
Top: lime green polo and sweater – Polo Ralph Lauren, Skirt: LOFT outlet

I love the way both of these outfits feel and look. Perfect for the temperature…for now 🙂

What item (or items) are you looking forward to wearing once the weather changes?


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