Gone to the Dogs

If you’ve kept up with the blog on a regular basis, you know that Watson is a chewer. He sticks mostly to his toys – with the occasional shoe, remote, or other inanimate object thrown in when he’s feeling neglected.


chewed remote

It’s rare that a toy last him more than a few days due to his classification as a “strong chewer.” The ‘indestructible rings’? Three days before they were separated and found in pieces around our house. The big rubber bone? One week tops.

Hands down, the best toy we’ve found for him has been this one – the Megalast ball from Target. He LOVES it and it’s lasted him at least two weeks before he’s made a dent in it. He enjoys the rubber texture and it’s small enough that he can carry it in his mouth. It’s also good for fetch (or more like throw, retrieve, and then run away). The best part? It’s good for humans, too with a price under $10!

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This is part of my Try It Tuesday series. Check it our for products I recommend!


2 thoughts on “Gone to the Dogs

  1. Just popped over here from another blog and definitely going to have to try that ball. We’ve had good luck with the JW balls (as long as they are not left out for all the time) and of course black Kongs. Had to comment since we had a chewed Comcast remote that needed replaced as well!

    • Abbi – Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! I’ve heard great things about the JW balls as well. We’ve also found success with the Nylabone brand, but they are a tad more expensive and don’t bounce. Best of luck with your pup!

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