Short and Sweet


I like my hair short. Long enough to pull back but short enough that I don’t feel it should be in a ponytail all the time. So when I decided I wanted it long for the wedding, I knew it would be a challenge. I thought immediately after the wedding, I would want it cut, chopped, GONE. Yet, I became attached to it. Between the time we got engaged and yesterday, I had only gotten trims – enough to keep the length but also to have healthy hair.

Long hair is wonderful for styling and colder temperatures. But when I start putting it up all the time and the weather warms up, long hair becomes unbearable for me. In the past few weeks, I went from loving it to hating it. It was

Proposal Day - November 2011

Proposal Day 2011

Bridal Shower - July 2012

Bridal Shower – July 2012

Wedding Day - September 2012

Wedding Day – September 2012

Honeymoon - December 2012

Honeymoon – December 2012

Random Day - March 2013

Random Day – March 2013

So yesterday I chopped it off. While I came to like my long locks, it’s almost springtime and that means short, lighter, blonde hair. I ADORE everything about this style. Now only if Mother Nature would realize that today is the first day of Spring and give us appropriate temperatures!


What’s something that signifies the change of season for you?


2 thoughts on “Short and Sweet

  1. I love your new hairdo. It is so cute and very spring. Putting away my boots signifies spring for me. I’m getting my leather boots polished tomorrow and then into their box they go!

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