A Few Things for Friday

Happy Friday! Posts have been on the emotionally heavy side this week, so it’s high time for a light, fun post. I present to you a few things that are brightening my day today đŸ™‚

1. Six months! It’s our six-month wedding anniversary today. SERIOUSLY?! Feel just like yesterday. I guess time really does fly when you’re having fun.

wedding photo bw laugh

2. The thought of spring. I know I’ve mentioned this before, but I LOVE SPRING. Warmer temperatures, fresh fruit and produce, wedding season, new clothes, and the proximity to summer? Yes, please.

yay for save the date magnets!

yay for save the date magnets!

3. Easter’s just around the corner. Girlfriend needs some chocolate in her life. It’s getting rough over here without it.

I'm drooling.

I’m drooling.

4. Fresh flowers. They just smell so good and add a sense of vibrant life to any space.

stop and smell the roses!

stop and smell the roses!

What’s brightening your day today?


One thought on “A Few Things for Friday

  1. My baby boy comes home this weekend for break so that will keep me bright until he leaves to finish this semester! I can not believe it has been 6 months already! You and JA will be celebrating your year anniversary before you know it! Hugs and kisses to you this day and always!

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