snow day calculator

Yup, the snow day calculator made an appearance in our household last night. Whenever there is a slight chance of a delay/closing, the faculty and staff are just as bad (if not worse) in tracking the weather as the students. If there is a delay/cancellation, we received a phone call telling us as such. On mornings like today, the JA and I lay in bed waiting for the buzz of one of our phones. It’s torture – especially if things are iffy, but not terrible.

While the JA is automatically off work if school is closed, I still have to wait for an additional call/text to see if staff have to report. I know, I know – so rough. Luckily enough, shortly after our school system changed from a delay to closed, I received notification that staff did not have to report.

Obviously, we’re still up (someone had to take the pup out for his morning walk!), but it’s nice to hang out in jammies all day. Another plus? An already shortened week just got shorter. Can’t beat it!

someone else is excited for the snow, too!

someone else is excited for the snow, too!


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