Memory Lane

At the suggestion of a fellow Book Club-ber, I am reading Before I Go to Sleep by S.J. Watson. The plot centers around a woman who has amnesia and is attempting to regain her memory by reading and writing in a journal.

It got me to thinking about how difficult it would be to relearn everything each day. To rely on others to tell your story. To trust blindly because you have to in order to survive. Crazy!

What if I couldn’t remember my parents? The love and support they have given me over the years?

parents cheek kiss wedding

Siblings? The secrets and stories we share?

siblings young

My husband, how we met, or our love story?

JJ & JA engagement ornament

Best friends and the good, bad, and ugly times we’ve endured?


What if it went further than that? What if I forgot how to dress myself, shower, where I lived?

Event further, what if I forgot the most basic thing – my own name?

Certainly makes the case to not only take a lot of photos, but to take video clips as well. I’m certainly more of a picture person – although it only preserves a moment, a good photo encapsulates all the emotion included in the experience. Bonus? You can hang it on your wall! Yet, a video captures those things that a photo may miss – a quick hand gesture, voice intonation, and a complete moment.

Do you prefer photo or video for preserving memories? As I said, I’m more of a photo person. We didn’t get a video of our wedding, though, and it’s still a decision I’m regretting a bit. I don’t know how often we’d watch it, but it would have been nice to have our vows and the speeches on tape.


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