You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!

Note: Title is attributed to the classic film “The Sandlot.” I’m not big on sport movies, so the fact that I’ve seen this one multiple times (and enjoyed it) says a lot.

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This weekend, the JA and I found a house that we love. Single family, within our price range, good area, off-street parking, plenty of space, not many upgrades needed right away,…I could go on for days. To sum it up nicely, I’ll use the words of my husband, “Oh my gosh, Jess. This house, THIS IS MY AMERICAN DREAM.”

Too bad the state of Maryland is making it impossible for us to put an offer in on this puppy. We’ve qualified for a certain type of loan that allows us to get money from the government. (If you’re wondering why I didn’t throw my hands up after hearing that, get this…I thought it would be simple.) We were told we had to attend classes before putting a contract on the house. Ok, fine. signed up for those bad boys ASAP.

Last night, we called our mortgage guy all excited because we thought we could put an offer in on the house after finishing class Thursday night. HA! He said. (Or at least, this is how I imagined the conversation going, because we all know how I am when it comes to finances – I leave those convos up to the JA.) You need to go to pre-purchase counseling before you can offer.

EXCUSE ME? Not only do we have to sit through a pointless-to-us class, but now we have to submit THE SAME INFORMATION to this gov’t agency that we did to our financial advisor? No way in hell. (We gathered all the information anyway and the JA’s ready to run it over as I eat my words, but for now I’m standing strong on the HELL NO front.)

All we want is to put an offer in on this house. This house that we want so badly that we wrote a note to the owners. A note that included a promise that we loved it so much that we would put an offer in by the end of the week. Now we’re going to look like liars. And we’re not. We’re just trying to get money from the government. Getting a tax refund isn’t this hard!


What’s frustrating you today? I know there’s gotta be something, so feel free to vent. It feels good.

Bring An Umbrella

Get your umbrellas out, folks because this weekend was full of showers!

Saturday afternoon, I attended a bridal shower for our friend who is tying the knot in June. It was great catching up with friends and celebrating the bride-to-be. We’re so excited to share this special day with the happy couple!

bridal shower banner

kitchen shower favors

bridal bingo

Bri shower

Sunday afternoon, I was able to attend a beach-themed shower my friend and her baby girl. She’s due in a few weeks, and it was a pleasure seeing her and hanging out before her bundle of joy arrives!

LE baby shower

baby bottle guessing game

nursery ryhme guessing game

LE baby shower favor

I still found time to get some work in, hang out with a few other friends, and house hunt. WHEW! This week is another busy one, so let’s get this party started!

Exception to the Rule

I don’t normally blog on the weekends, but when I do, it’s something that I can’t wait until Monday to share. This is one of those times.

Last night, I read this post from Katharine at From A to Pink. Katharine and I know each other from Book Club. She is a wonderfully strong, determined, talented woman with an infectious laugh and a positive outlook on life. She was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis later than most patients, and has done a fantastic job chronicling the struggles and triumphs of having a chronic disease on her blog.

Her post got to me. Not only because I know her on a personal level, but because it reminded me about the value of life – something we all need now and again.

Many people think it’s easy to blog. To sit behind a computer and type out your feelings. Yet, in reality, it can be a very scary thing. Pouring your deepest emotions out to the world – most of the time to be lifted up and supported, but also opening yourself up to others who sit, read, and judge. Every word is carefully chosen in order to not only make your point, but make it clear the way you intend it to be taken. Writing emotional posts drains you in a way you can’t even imagine, and hitting the publish button is scary.

I wanted to take the time to commend Katharine on her thought-provoking, intense, emotional, heart-wrenching post. I’m sure it wasn’t easy to write (or publish), but writing these type of posts helps enlighten those who don’t know, support and encourage those who do, and affect everyone who reads them in some way or another. Thank you.

May is Cystic Fibrosis Awareness month. For more information, I encourage you to visit

Mind Mush

This week, as expected, was a crazy one. Nothing on the house front, but plenty of work to be done and little actually accomplished. It ended up being one of those weeks where the list gets longer and longer each day with the same amount of hours. Busy, but in a good way!

In addition to all that, we met with our financial planner last night. They went through all of our information and made recommendations to how we can more effectively use the money we have. We left there with this bad boy and heads that were spinning. It’s a blessing that I married a man with a head for numbers and data, because all of this seriously overwhelmed me!

financial binder

After driving home and taking a few minutes to let things sink in, the JA tackled the beast – breaking down the information into a budget that is easy for me to understand and easier for us to stay on track.

Here’s to a bright (and stable) financial future!

What makes your brain turn to mush? I sat in our meeting asking very few questions and just trying to follow along!


Note: For all those uncool cats like me out there, YOLO stands for You Only Live Once.

When one works at a school, it is difficult not to become invested in the students’ lives. You want them to succeed, flourish, and make good decisions. When something happens to them, it affects you – whether you’re a teacher (like my husband) or staff member (like me).

Mid-morning yesterday, I received a call from one of our seniors. Very odd, considering any late calls should be directed through the main office. He started the conversation by saying, “[student with the same first name as my husband] got into an accident on [insert road name here], but everyone’s okay. We just didn’t know who to call to let someone know we’re going to be late.”

My stomach dropped and my life flashed before my eyes as my mind immediately went to the JA. What was he doing off campus? And driving toward our home? Why wasn’t he calling me himself?

I then proceeded to ask a flurry of questions – are you sure everyone’s okay? Are you on the side of the road? Have the police been called? What are the names of others in the car? The last question cleared up the confusion, letting me know that it was a student – not my husband – driving the car. (The student on the phone and I had a good laugh about that one, as I quickly breathed a sigh of relief.)

It’s that time of year when our seniors become more brazen – most have chosen which college they will attend in the fall, senior prom is just around the corner, then after that it’s a flurry of graduation activities, graduation itself, and Beach Week. (Seniors here in Maryland invade Ocean City the week after graduation to “celebrate.”)

Yesterday was a heart-stopping reminder that we are not invincible. Teenagers tend to think they are, and every once in a while, us adults do too.

Be careful out there!

Inner Peace

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This week is shaping up to be a crazy one. Instead of taking a lot time this morning to write to all of you, I played with my pup a bit more, chatted with my husband, and did some reading. Sorry, I’m not sorry. Some days, heck, some weeks, you have to pace yourself. We’re getting to the time where we have a school event almost every week. Trying to fit in ‘us’ time, ‘me’ time and ‘fun’ time gets to be challenging.

C’mon, inner peace. I don’t have all day.

Moving On

We didn’t get the house that we put an offer in on last week. It was a bummer, but we’re confident that there’s another house (or two, or even three) that can work for us. We just need to find one. We’re lucky in that we’re not under any pressure to move and that we can take our time selecting our first house.

This weekend, we also said farewell to a great man.

All in all, not the most uplifting weekend, but that happens. We still had our fair share of happiness – the anticipation of the realtor’s call, a lovely afternoon with the JA’s extended family, the perfect Sunday for a walk, and the chance to take our first run together.

flowers around our neighborhood

flowers around our neighborhood

Yes, you read that correctly. The JA and I took the dog out Saturday night for our first family walk/run. It went well, and I’m excited for us to continue this throughout the spring/summer/fall. (Girlfriend isn’t into running enough to get outside during the freezing temps of winter.


How was your weekend?