Busting Out the Good Stuff

china pattern

One of the bigger discussions the JA and I had when preparing for our wedding was whether or not to register for china settings. When he looked at the setting I’d had on my phone for a month and said, “I like this one,” we knew we had a winner.

His family is so large that they don’t generally use china at gatherings. Whereas my family is small enough that the china comes out more frequently. Therefore, when we had a fake Easter dinner for my brother-in-law (who made a quick trip into town earlier this week), I knew it was time.

We moved the china from my parent’s house and carefully laid it out on our own table. We didn’t have enough dinner plates for everyone in our set, so we ended up borrowing extra china from my parents. However, for dessert, it was all about our pattern. I have to say that it was a proud moment for me. While I left the cooking up to the JA, I got to set the table and relish at how wonderful everything looked. Using our china also served as a reminder of our wedding day and how special that was for us. Hopefully, our set will last a long time and each time we use it will be as special as this one.

Do you have certain items that are reserved for special occasions? Am I the only one who gets giddy over using china? (Please say no.)


2 thoughts on “Busting Out the Good Stuff

  1. I didn’t register for china, but I was blessed to receive my mother’s china that was originally her mothers so it is really old. It is still in pristine condition and it is a service for 12. I have the stemware and the family silver place settings as well. I used to use it a lot and always when I hosted Thanksgiving. It is so dear to me because of the history attached to it. Enjoy your china and even use it randomly for you and JA on a Tuesday night for no reason. What is the pattern? I love looking at china and crystal etc. Reminds me of a time that once was, when those things meant so much to so many people. I would love for people to slow down, enjoy life and the little things like using china instead of paper plates all the time. Life is moving so fast, stop and enjoy the little things when we can – like the beautiful flowers he got you the other day.
    Love you both,
    Momma Lisa

    • We only registered for 8 settings, but my mom’s has 12 settings like yours. Might have to add more to the collection just in case something happens! The pattern is Venetian Lace by Lenox. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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