O, What A Day

Today is the Orioles home opener and the city of Baltimore is very excited to have one set of its birds back in action!

To commemorate the day, I got a little crafty. Our Easter egg wreath has had its time and what better summer wreath than one for baseball?! I didn’t want something that looked too much like Halloween (the O’s colors are orange and black) and I wanted it to be easy to create. Thus, my DIY ribbon letter wreath was created.

letter wreath

2 rolls (approx. 6 yards) of 1.5″ grossgrain ribbon
1 glue gun (and sticks)
1 14″ foam wreath form
1 8″ MDF letter (wood can be used as well)
acrylic paint (any color)
brush for painting (I used an inexpensive foam one)
straight pins (I used the ones from the JA’s dress shirts)

1. Using acrylic paint, cover front and sides of letter with multiple coats of paint.
2. Let dry.

1. Pin end of ribbon to underside or back of wreath.
2. Wrap ribbon around wreath form. (I did it at a diagonal to make sure I got maximum polka dot exposure.)
Note: It did take me two rolls of ribbon. I started the second roll on the back of the wreath, securing it with a pin first, then glue later.
ribbon on wreath

3. Once you are happy with your pattern, pin in various places to ensure that ribbon stays secure.
pins in ribbon

5. Seal ends of ribbon with glue gun to prevent fraying.
4. Using glue gun, attach letter to wreath. I used glue in two different places with a fairly decent surface area. This way, there’s less of a chance that the letter falls off!
5. If needed, use leftover ribbon to create a hanging loop at the top of your wreath. I pinned mine in, but you can glue this as well.
ribbon loop

Ta da! Since I had a few of these items on hand, the entire project cost me under $15. Not too shabby!

wreath on door


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