Sock Puppy

Sunday afternoon, we took Watson on a stroll through the local park. Something happened and by Monday morning, we had a hopalong dog who was limping and using only three legs. He wasn’t his energetic self and seemed sad/in pain. We made a vet appointment and put a sock over his back paw (securing it with a hair tie) to prevent him from aggravating it further.

Welp, yesterday morning his paw was super swollen and we knew he had an issue.

swollen paw

The vet found that he had ripped some of the padding from his back paw. We were told this equates to losing the fatty part of your fingertip – super painful! We left with an antibiotic, pain meds, a high-grade soap for washing, and a cone of shame.

wounded pup

Watson does NOT like the cone. In fact, we tried it on him multiple times last night but with his oddly shaped head, he slipped/tugged it off every time. We finally gave up and socked him again. The paw was swollen again this morning, leading us to believe that we’ve been slowing circulation by securing the sock with a hair tie. Oops. Bad puppy parents! We’ve amended our strategy to swap the hair tie for athletic tape and figure that after a quick trip to the store this afternoon, we’ll attempt losing the sock and replacing it with gauze to form a better puppy bandage.

sock puppy

Poor puppy!

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