A hearty welcome goes out to the new readers visiting as a result of Just Call Me Janks being one of’s Picks of the Day! Hope you like what you see & stay awhile 🙂

Dear Watson, I realize that you don’t like being restricted. However, waking me up between the hours of 1 – 3 a.m. for the past three nights because you’ve chewed your foot protection off and have started scratching is NOT OKAY.

You look about as good as I feel.

Hey there. You look about as good as I feel.

Dear Mother Nature, Thank you for realizing that we are, in fact, supposed to be in spring (not summer). My sweat glands thank you for the transition period.

weather 4-10-13

Dear Dexter, You’ve sucked us into your vortex. Please don’t disappoint us. [We’re halfway through Season Two – no spoilers, please!]

click image for source

click image for source

Dear iced coffee, Thank you for helping through this day. You rock.

iced coffee


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