On the Hunt

For the past two weeks, the JA and I have been house hunting. It’s a grueling process, especially now when then are a lot of potential buyers and not a lot of houses up for sale. It seems like we’re looking at houses and before we can make a decision, they’re gone.

Yesterday, we found a few viable options. We’re not getting our hopes up, but feel like one in particular could be a wonderful first home. We’re under the impression that there are already multiple contracts on it, but we’re throwing ours into the mix and crossing our fingers.

As with any property, there are things that I want to do to make it our home. I didn’t think that I would want a house that needs work, but this one feels good. We’d appreciate any good vibes you can share as we take this journey toward our new home!


3 thoughts on “On the Hunt

    • I know, right? We were hoping to get a head start on things by looking now, but everything’s going so quickly. House is in Columbia. Hopefully, the market will get a little better as we move toward summer and you and Steve find something you love!

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