Moving On

We didn’t get the house that we put an offer in on last week. It was a bummer, but we’re confident that there’s another house (or two, or even three) that can work for us. We just need to find one. We’re lucky in that we’re not under any pressure to move and that we can take our time selecting our first house.

This weekend, we also said farewell to a great man.

All in all, not the most uplifting weekend, but that happens. We still had our fair share of happiness – the anticipation of the realtor’s call, a lovely afternoon with the JA’s extended family, the perfect Sunday for a walk, and the chance to take our first run together.

flowers around our neighborhood

flowers around our neighborhood

Yes, you read that correctly. The JA and I took the dog out Saturday night for our first family walk/run. It went well, and I’m excited for us to continue this throughout the spring/summer/fall. (Girlfriend isn’t into running enough to get outside during the freezing temps of winter.


How was your weekend?


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