Mind Mush

This week, as expected, was a crazy one. Nothing on the house front, but plenty of work to be done and little actually accomplished. It ended up being one of those weeks where the list gets longer and longer each day with the same amount of hours. Busy, but in a good way!

In addition to all that, we met with our financial planner last night. They went through all of our information and made recommendations to how we can more effectively use the money we have. We left there with this bad boy and heads that were spinning. It’s a blessing that I married a man with a head for numbers and data, because all of this seriously overwhelmed me!

financial binder

After driving home and taking a few minutes to let things sink in, the JA tackled the beast – breaking down the information into a budget that is easy for me to understand and easier for us to stay on track.

Here’s to a bright (and stable) financial future!

What makes your brain turn to mush? I sat in our meeting asking very few questions and just trying to follow along!


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