You’re Killin’ Me, Smalls!

Note: Title is attributed to the classic film “The Sandlot.” I’m not big on sport movies, so the fact that I’ve seen this one multiple times (and enjoyed it) says a lot.

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This weekend, the JA and I found a house that we love. Single family, within our price range, good area, off-street parking, plenty of space, not many upgrades needed right away,…I could go on for days. To sum it up nicely, I’ll use the words of my husband, “Oh my gosh, Jess. This house, THIS IS MY AMERICAN DREAM.”

Too bad the state of Maryland is making it impossible for us to put an offer in on this puppy. We’ve qualified for a certain type of loan that allows us to get money from the government. (If you’re wondering why I didn’t throw my hands up after hearing that, get this…I thought it would be simple.) We were told we had to attend classes before putting a contract on the house. Ok, fine. signed up for those bad boys ASAP.

Last night, we called our mortgage guy all excited because we thought we could put an offer in on the house after finishing class Thursday night. HA! He said. (Or at least, this is how I imagined the conversation going, because we all know how I am when it comes to finances – I leave those convos up to the JA.) You need to go to pre-purchase counseling before you can offer.

EXCUSE ME? Not only do we have to sit through a pointless-to-us class, but now we have to submit THE SAME INFORMATION to this gov’t agency that we did to our financial advisor? No way in hell. (We gathered all the information anyway and the JA’s ready to run it over as I eat my words, but for now I’m standing strong on the HELL NO front.)

All we want is to put an offer in on this house. This house that we want so badly that we wrote a note to the owners. A note that included a promise that we loved it so much that we would put an offer in by the end of the week. Now we’re going to look like liars. And we’re not. We’re just trying to get money from the government. Getting a tax refund isn’t this hard!


What’s frustrating you today? I know there’s gotta be something, so feel free to vent. It feels good.


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