Learn Something New Every Day

We typically cover a lot of topics during a Book Club meeting, but one of last night’s subjects surprised me. I don’t know how we got here, but we ended up discussing a few of the husband’s need to plant food. We ourselves have what the JA likes to call “crops” in our backyard.

Yup, these are our "crops."

Yup, these are our “crops.”

One of the ladies and her husband recently bought an apple free for their backyard, figuring that it would grow and bear fruit all by itself. WRONG. Most apple trees don’t pollinate themselves. You need two trees in order to produce fruit. Who knew? Coincidentally, one of the other ladies in the group. She grew up on a farm and educated all of us on some of the top level ins and outs of planting, pollination, and farming in general.

It made for some great conversation and I learned something new. Win-Win!

What’s something new that you learned recently?


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