May I Rise to the Challenge

Get it? May? As in the month and an expression of permission? Ha, I crack myself up.

Ok, to the point. I’ve decided to challenge myself and participate in National Blog Post Month (NaBloPoMo). The goal is to blog every day. With so much happening this month, I’m likely to fall off the blog wagon and I don’t want to. I want to engage, grow, and virtually hang out with y’all. So I’m holding myself accountable.


Laying in bed this morning, I took a moment to be aware of my surroundings: the softness of the sheets, the support of the mattress, and the chirping of birds outside the open window. My morning’s tend to go one of two ways: either I’m dragging myself out of bed, already yearning for a cup of coffee, or I’m awake, energized, and ready to begin the day.

Our days have been crazy again this week. The school is in the midst of graduation/end of school activities, we’re trying to buy a house, and then there are the social events that seem to crop up as the weather gets nicer. While it’s exciting, sometimes it becomes overwhelming to look at our schedules for the upcoming month and a half. Therefore, it was a glorious few seconds to hear the birds chirp. Chirping birds tell me that the rain has stopped. They remind me of the new life that comes with the spring.

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How are you challenging yourself this month? What or who serves as a comfort to you?


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