Photo Bomb

Let this be a cautionary tale.

broken camera 4

Even though my camera was in a bag on our kitchen table, Wonder Dog somehow got a hold of it last weekend. The JA and I had left him out while we went to the grocery store and, upon our return, were greeted by a happy dog. As always, we surveyed the house for damage. Shoes? Still intact. Trash and recycling? Not touched. We then went into the living/dining room and found my camera in multiple pieces.

Momma was NOT pleased. I had saved up for a DSLR for a while and finally got one this year on Black Friday. Thankfully, we have enough cash in reserve to purchase a new one (and I found a site with an awesome price). I mean, having gems like this one captured on an iPhone is okay, but certainly not ideal!

awkward family photo

Friends with pets, what’s the worst thing your pet has ruined?


4 thoughts on “Photo Bomb

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