Twist and Shout

For the past few days, my lower back’s been bothering me. Nothing too serious, but a strong enough twinge to keep me from Zumba last night. I don’t know if I’m not stretching enough, the way that my feet are hitting the ground, my posture, or the way that I’m sleeping, but it’s got to stop. The cooler temperatures make it a great time to run (at least for me) and the fact that I’m taking it easy is frustrating.

yesterday's night sky

yesterday’s night sky

It’s not spine pain, but more of a localized strain (almost like I pulled something) on my right back upper hip. I’m supposed to have group training tonight, and I think I’ll go but just take it slow like I did last week. These workouts are meant to challenge us, and while I don’t want to hurt myself further, I want to continue to improve and achieve my goal. No pain, no gain I guess?

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

Do you exercise through pain or take it slow?


3 thoughts on “Twist and Shout

  1. Have you seen a chiropractor? Based on your description, it sounds like it may be a tweak in the sciatic nerve on your right side. I have similar issues and a chiropractor almost always helps alleviate any pressure or pain I’m having.

    • Does the school nurse count? 😉 When I talked to her, she said it seemed to be too high to be the sciatic nerve. There’s no numbness in the leg or glute area, which, by my obsessive Google-ing, leads me to believe it might be something else. Another teacher thought it to be an upper hip issue and recommended some stretches. I’m hoping to speak with our athletic trainer to get his thoughts. Whatever it is, if it means that I HAVE to get massages, I think I’ll learn to live with it.

      • Hip issues are the worst. Massages and stretching will definitely help in the long run, but if your insurance will cover a chiro visit I’d highly recommend it. Sometimes it takes someone manipulating and moving things around to feel better and then you can maintain with stretching. Acupuncture may also help. While it hasn’t helped my hip/sciatic issues (which are pretty severe), I know people who do swear by it.

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