Thursday Things

This week (heck, this month) is a ridiculously crazy one. With all the running around we’ve done, here are some things that have been getting me through.

1. Marrow bones for the pup. After some damage to our personal items, we’ve needed to find something durable, yet enjoyable, for the dog to chew. Our trainer recommended that we try marrowed bones from the grocer and, boy, does Watson love those things. His tail starts a-waggin’ and I’m relieved to know that he’s chewing on something other than my camera. (Note: The FDA put out a statement that bones are bad for dogs. W gets large bones that put him at no risk of swallowing. He doesn’t chew them all day and we throw them away when he gets to the middle. I would recommend trying it with your dog while you’re in the room before you do it while you’re away. Different things work for each dog.)

2. Heavy Seas Riptide. The liquor store near us allows you to make your own six-pack and the JA and I have taken full advantage. I picked this beer as one of my three and it’s one of the few beers that we both like! (He’s more of a Hefeweizen, I’m an IPA gal.) It’s light enough for him, but with a kick in it for me. We might have to stock up for the summer.

Riptide beer

3. How Sweet’s 20-Minute Turkey Taco Nachos. So easy. So good. We’ve had them twice in the past three weeks. Do yourself a favor and make them, now.

4. Pretzel crisps. As the JA says, “Those are not snacks. They are a sin.” Light and crisp with enough salt to curb my cravings. Have to portion them out or I’d eat the whole bag…in one sitting. Available at Target (another vice, but that’s an entirely different story.)

pretzel crisps

5. Tone It Up’s Bikini Series workouts. I’m not following the plan to the letter, but having short, yet effective workouts to do in the morning has been great. I don’t have to think about what to do, but still get to reap the benefits of exercise!

What helps you get through a busy week?


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