Oh Em Gee

JJ Prom 01

OMG you guys, it’s, like, finally here. PROM.

Yes, the JA and I got to senior prom. Yes, I made him ask me the first year. Yes, I love it. (At least the first hour.)

I went to two proms my senior year – one at my school and one at my boyfriend’s school. Both were fun, but I remember mine more, as his was sort of lumped in with my graduation activities. (Side note: transitioning from sundress to prom dress in a school bathroom with about twenty other girls doing the same is NOT fun.)

LProm 01

Although prom styles, music, and traditions have changed, prom time remains a memorable timeframe for high school seniors. The gals get all gussied up, the boys are in their tuxes and their parents have an excuse to take multiple photos to remember this special time. (My parents took seven rolls of film on the night of my prom. SEVEN.)

Now, if you excuse me, I have to go do my hair 😛


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