Seven Things Every Woman Should Accomplish in Her 20s

I saw this article on Thought Catalog this morning and while I agree with most of the suggestions, I’m not completely on board with all of them.

So I made my own list.

First, the things that I agree with:

1. Travel. Maybe not alone, but traveling is definitely on my list. I spent a semester of college in Europe, and I wouldn’t trade that experience for the world. I went back to Scotland a few years later and had a bit of time to travel to myself. I spent the a few days in Edinburgh wandering around and while it was a bit scary, it was liberating at the same time.


2. Have a night where you get too crazy. In your 20s, your metabolism (and tolerance for certain beverages) is probably at its peak. Enjoy it. Be a bit irresponsible. Make memories. Dance your heart out.

3. Disregard your parent’s advice on something. Now, my take isn’t the same as it is in the article. You see, I never really had a ‘rebellious’ time. When I went to college, I decided I wanted my belly button pierced. I had just turned 18 (ok, so not technically 20s yet but whatever), and asked Mommy Janks what she thought. She immediately responded that she didn’t like the idea. I did it anyway. Later on, I heard her recounting the story to her friends as if I didn’t do it without her permission. Sigh.

4. Ask for a raise. In a prior position, I was a part of a pretty intimidating review process. But it prepared me for life. I had to defend my decisions, express my interest in the company, and explain why I deserved a raise. If you weren’t prepared, you were like a fish in a barrel. As I said, it’s made me a better person (and also made me get everything in writing.)

Now, for a few not on the list:

5. Live in a city. While State College is big enough to merit its own zip code, it’s not necessarily a city. I’m a suburban girl and while I had a few friends who lived in the heart of a city, I have never done it. The JA was living in a part of Baltimore when we started dating and we remember that time with love and longing. It’s great feeling like a bigger part of something…like, maybe a Super Bowl win?


6. Take a trip with a close friend or your significant other (just the two of you). If you haven’t done that yet, do it now. You learn about someone when you’re sharing a car, plane, or room with someone for a few days.

7. Invest. Whether it’s buying a piece of clothing that you know you’ll wear for years to come or putting money in a retirement fund, invest in your future. I’ve always been a saver (sometimes to a fault), and I understand how hard it is to invest in big-ticket items. Yet, I bought my first decent suit jacket in my 20s and I wear it all.the.time. Initial cost? My jaw hit the floor. Cost per wear? At this point, it’s pennies. Completely worth it.

There are a few more that I could list but then it wouldn’t be seven things, so I’m going to turn it over to you. Anything that you would add/change to this list?


One thought on “Seven Things Every Woman Should Accomplish in Her 20s

  1. I read this, too, and love the “ask for a raise” one. SO MANY young women fear doing this and just need to DO it. Figure out every awesome thing you’ve done and show your boss why you’re worth it. That measly few percent increase each year won’t cut it.

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